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Preparation One of the foundations to a successful job is preparation of the job site. We carefully cover all floors and furniture to ensure a clean job site. Great preparation = A wonderful finished project. 


Dedicated Tyler and Natalie Ketchum, Owners of Ketchum Painting and Remodeling reside in Longmont. We have been in business for over 20 years, have a strong eye for detail, and provide exceptional customer service. Our ideal clients care about having a quality job, and understand that there are no cutting corners for superior craftsmanship.


Passionate Prior to starting our business in Longmont, Ketchum Painting and Remodeling was based in the Chicagoland suburbs in the Northshore area. Many of our projects were highly specialized and focused on painting historic homes and landmarks. 

Trustworthy We have a small painting team and are also on the job daily to be apart of the painting process.  We love being a part of the day to day work to ensure that our clients vision for their home is met. 

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